“Lovely local pubs”

Pat yourself on the back my friend, for if you find yourself inside one of our Remarkable Pubs then you’re in for a right treat. Our lovingly restored traditional boozers are full to the rafters with great wine, even better beer and the hum of witty conversation. All but one of our legendary local pubs also serve lovingly made, food glorious food. So pop a record on the jukebox and hunker down, you’ll be here until close.


“From traditional beers to crafty ones, we serve a great pint.”

In 1985 the ‘local’ pub scene in Inner London was lacklustre, to say the least. Grubby and often boarded-up property lined the streets, yet to be swept up in the new wave of regeneration, the Georgian or Victorian elegance of these grand establishments had faded to a grey paler than Thatcher’s own Spitting Image puppet. Many of the period public houses were snoozy, faggy gaffs with thick flowery carpets and a glaring fruit machine buzzing in a corner.

The Prince George in Hackney was one such pub, standing statuesquely on the corner of Wilton Way. As Robert and Jean cycled past it, they admired its classical pillared porch and architectural charm – but didn’t much fancy a drink inside. Upon discovering the pub was for sale, the young couple decided to take a chance on this crumbling relic and carefully resuscitate it to its former glory. Sympathetic to the era it was built in and appealing to those who happened upon it, The Prince George was turned into the kind of pub the they had wished for all along.

A classic 7″ vinyl jukebox was placed proudly on the wall, filled with classic soul, rock and blues. The fireplaces were dug out, the original mahogany bar brought back to life and several Real Ale pumps were installed as part of their mission to serve great beer to the local community. The pub quickly became a much loved local gem and a place full of animated conversation, genuine charm and fun.

Twelve (and counting) pubs later and Robert and Jean’s tentative venture into the world of drinking holes has resulted in a very Remarkable set of pubs.


Genuine Czech lager established 1893

Litovel is directly imported by Remarkable Pubs across Europe for a thousand miles or so, shipped across the Channel and then decanted into kegs at the Griffin Brewery in Chiswick. Phew. It’s then distributed exclusively around our pubs. That’s right, if you’re in London you’ll only be able to drink Litovel at a Remarkable Pub venue.

Lager (a German word meaning stockade or “keep”) was first developed using a cold brewing process at Pilsen in the Czech Republic in the 1840’s and has been imitated throughout the world ever since. Litovel is a genuine Czech lager brewed in the Czech Republic – no imitiations here folks. 

Beer has been lovingly brewed at the present Brewery in Litovel since 1893, but this story goes back much further than the 19th Century. The Brewery itself took up the tradition of beer brewing in Litovel which can be traced back in history records as early as 1291. Thanks to its quality, the Litovel Beer spread beyond the Haná Region shortly after the Brewery was opened and during the period of the so-called “First Republic” Litovel beer was dubbed “the Moravian Pilsen”.

A brewing plant, set in cardinal marble, is one of the jewels of Czech beer brewing. It’s complimented by a classic fermenting and lager cellar. In the 1990s, the Brewery was modernised, and the new bottling line, pressure tanks and filling room of barrelled beer has extended the traditional technology, which is indispensable for the production of the genuine Czech beer.

The Royal Litovel Beer is brewed, according to the time-proven prescriptions of Litovel brewers, from exceptionally good water, high-quality malt and mild cultivated sorts of Czech hops. It’s so highly valued that not only is it seen as a prestigious brand, it’s also exported to countries across the world including Germany, Canada, Italy and Sweden. 

The quality and flavour of the beer have won Litovel a total of 4 gold awards in famed Czech brewery contests, as well as a silver medal at the world renowned Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival and a bronze medal at the European Beer Star competition.